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Radio Ergo audience feedback report, 19 May 2022

Radio Ergo
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Brief Summary

Whilst some callers this week (12-18 May 2022) announced rainfall in their areas and improved conditions, the majority of callers to Radio Ergo’s feedback platform complained of continuing drought and water shortage, as well as the related impact of the prolonged drought on lives and livelihoods. Some welcomed rainfall but indicated that it was insufficient. Many callers said they needed aid or intervention from government and/or humanitarian agencies. The following summarises the calls by theme.

Drought and water shortage – in the north, among callers from Togdher a female in Buhodle said their livestock were dying due to ongoing drought. A caller in Ayn said many livestock herders had been left destitute and needed aid. A caller in Odweyne said the rainfall had been sparse and water was still short. Callers from different parts of Sanag said the drought was still widespread and water was scarce. A caller in Erigabo said they needed fodder to keep their livestock alive.
A female caller in Harkadhere said the Sanag drought was leading to much displacement. A caller in Somaliland said if the government constructed more water dams the problems of water shortage would be reduced. Several callers in parts of Puntland and Galmudug said lack of water was the biggest problem facing people and livestock and they needed aid. In Bay region, one caller said they were suffering from drought and diseases, and another said the rain had already stopped and livestock were in a dire state. In Kismayo, a caller said they needed government help with drought, water shortage, and unemployment. Meanwhile, a caller in Beletweyne said the Shabelle riverbanks there needed repairing to avert further potential flooding this year.

Locusts – a few callers from Sanag, Sool, Galgadud, and Lower Juba complained of locusts damaging their crops and vegetation and asked for control measures.

Health – two callers in Bay said they had diarrhoea outbreaks. There was a rise on previous weeks in calls about COVID19 which may be related to prevalence of the disease.