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South Sudan Cholera Outbreak Situation Report: No. 002 (15 May 2022)

Soudan du Sud
Govt. South Sudan
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• The cholera situation in South Sudan continues to evolve, as the country continues to respond to sporadic cholera cases in Bentiu, Rubkona county, Unity State.

• There has been gradual increase in number of cholera cases reported across seven communities with an initial peak in Epi week 18 (week ending 8 May 2022), when a total of 31 suspect cases (including 15 RDT positive & 8 culture confirmed) were reported; followed by a second peak in week 19 (ending 15 May 2022) when 38 cases (all RDT negative and non-culture confirmed) were reported.

• The Government announced a culture confirmed case of cholera in Bentiu on 14 April 2022 and subsequently declared cholera outbreak on 7 May 2022 after seven additional culture confirmed cases were reported. The first case patient is a 29-months old male who tested positive by Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) on 21st of March 2022 from the Bentiu IDP Camp, Rubkona county

• Though the current transmission is sporadic, the risk of transmission to at-risk counties (Mayom, Leer,
Guit, Mayendit, Pariang, Panyijiar, Juba, and other hotspot counties) is very high due to population movements, presence of IDPs, persistent flooding, low access to safe water and sanitation.

• Since the last update in week 17 (ending 07 May 2022), 38 new cases (presented with acute watery diarrhoea but were all RDT negative and non-culture confirmed) have been reported from the Bentiu and Rubkona IDP camps.

• Cumulatively, 70 suspect cholera cases have been reported, of which 20 were cholera RDT positive and eight (8) tested culture positive at the National Reference Laboratory in Juba. One of the RDT positive cases died giving 1.4% case fatality ratio (CFR).

• There are no new RDT positive, or culture confirmed cases in week 18, 2022. All the new suspect cases in week 18 did not receive the cholera vaccine and only two were admitted and have since been discharged.

• Majority (67.1%) of the cases are females, while their male counterparts account for 32.9%. The age group 0-4 years accounts for 35.7%, followed by age group 20 years and above with 28.6%, age group 10-14 years with 12.9%, while age groups 5-9 years and 15-19 years accounted for 11.4% each

• Majority (84%) of the cases are from Bentiu IDP Camp across five sectors and 16% are from two communities outside the IDP camps, with nearly 59% of the cases are from sectors 4 (24.3%) & 5 (34.3%).

• Majority (40/57%) of the cases were not previously vaccinated while 30 /43% have unknown vaccination status).

• Rubkona county that hosts the IDPs Camps has been experiencing unprecedented floods since 2021 with no sign of floodwaters receding as we near the 2022 rainy reason.

• Of the 18-cases receiving IV therapy, 3 were admitted as severe cases with last case been discharged on 4 May 2022, thus no case in admission as of 14 May 2022.