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One Year After - Escalation of hostilities Gaza May 2021, Dashboard Report Date 16 May 2022

Shelter Cluster
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One year ago, Gaza Strip has witnessed another significant escalation of conflict for eleven days, in which many buildings were destroyed and thousands of people were internally displaced. According to the information verified by Shelter Cluster based on figures from MoPWH, MoSD, UNRWA and other cluster partners, at height of the conflict over 117,000 individuals fled their homes due to the intensive air strikes and the destruction of the houses, including 77,000 were seeking safe place at UNRWA schools and the remaining were hosted by community and informal shelters. Additionally, the air strikes on Gaza left 1,688 housing units destroyed and .e916 severely damaged in addition to 59,226 housing units with different levels of damage. This dashboard summarizes the needs, and gaps in shelter response to the conflict over the last year.