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Assessment of Climatic Impact Drivers in India

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Focus Districts: Ahmadnagar, Amravati, Balaghat, Dhule, Jalna, Mandla and Yavatmal

This assessment describes seven important climatic impact drivers for India, with a special focus on the districts Ahmadnagar, Amravati, Dhule, Jalna and Yavatmal in the state of Maharashtra and Mandla and Balaghat in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It shows how the climatic impact drivers are projected to change under two climate change trajectories in the future (2030, 2050 and 2080). The presented drivers are mean temperature, mean precipitation, precipitation cycle, very hot days, heavy precipitation frequency and intensity as well as extremely dry months. For further guidance and background informati- on about the figures and analyses presented here kindly refer to the supplemental information on how to read the assessment of climatic impact drivers.

India is a country of large spatial extend and as such covers a multitude of climatic regions. Here we present projected climatic changes for the Indian subcontinent from 17° to 24° North. This region covers the seven focus districts in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh: Ahmadnagar, Amravati, Balaghat, Dhule, Jalna, Mandla and Yavatmal.