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Cash Consortium of Yemen (CCY) - Special Update 05: Differences Between Mean and Median in IRG and DFA Areas with Exchange Rate and Transfer Amount

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Key Findings:

• The graphs show the mean and median of the total SMEB, with either dry beans or canned beans; across both the IRG and DFA areas, with corresponding exchange rates and transfer values. (the reason for the separation between the dry and canned beans is the high price volatility between the two goods)

• As shown in the graphs the value of the mean is greater than the median in both the IRG and DFA areas, which may indicate some outlier prices.

• In IRG areas there were a lot of ups and downs in the Total SMEBs along with the Exchange Rate. From September 2021 it shows a significant increase in both mean and median till November 2021, then it shows a decrease till January 2022 then it shows another increase till April 2022.

• IRG areas exhibited high volatility in the total SMEB Prices which corresponded to the fluctuations in the exchange rate. From September 2021 onward the IRG graph shows appreciation dips and depreciation spikes across an 8 month timeframe.

• In DFA areas the difference between the mean and median prices is minimal, potentially due to the homogeneous exchange rate of ~600 YER/ USD. However, these stable prices were impacted in recent months by an increase in the price of consumer staples, with the resulting increase of the SMEB.

• The most stable SMEBs goods in both areas are Salt, Sugar, Rice, and Wheat Flour. Additionally, the most volatile goods are Lentil and Vegetable Oil. Highest prices of goods are highlighted in the table below.