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Afghanistan: Infectious Disease Outbreaks - Epidemiological week # 15, 2022 (10-16) April 2022 Situation Report #36

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Summary of the Measles outbreak (01 Jan to 16 Apr 2022)

• During epidemiological week 15-2022, 3,815 new cases and 24 new deaths were reported (9.8% and 33.3% increase in cases and deaths as compared to the previous week).

• Since the first week of 2022, the trend of new measles cases reported in most of the provinces has continued to increase sharply.

• The number of measles suspected cases have increased in 6 (out of 8) regions during the last week and only North East and East regions shows a slight decrease in the number of cases (Table 2).

• The number of measles suspected cases in 48 districts (where measles campaign was conducted in March 2022) shows a decline in week 13 with a slight increase in week 14 and a reduction again in week 15. (Figure 1)

• The most affected provinces by this outbreak are Kunduz (13.4%), Badakhshan (11.6%), Kabul (9.2%), Nangarhar (8.4%), Helmand (8.4%) and Takhar (7.4%). And a total of 4,457 samples have been tested out of which 1,605 were lab-confirmed and a total of 247 measles-associated deaths were reported in 2022.