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Afghanistan: Infectious Disease Outbreaks - Epidemiological week # 14, 2022 (03 - 09) April 2022 Situation Report #35

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Summary of the measles outbreak (01 Jan to 09 Apr 2022)

• During epidemiological week 14-2022, 3,475 new cases and 18 new deaths were reported (10% increase in cases and 10% decrease in deaths, as compared to the previous week).

• Since the first week of 2022, the trend of new measles cases reported in most of the provinces has continued to increase sharply.
However, the number of suspected measles cases decreased in the south and west regions for three weeks while the decrease in cases in the central west region was reported for two weeks (Table 2).

• The most affected provinces by this outbreak are Kunduz (12.2%), Badakhshan (9.7%), Kabul (8.2%), Helmand (7,8%)
Nangarhar (7.3%), and Takhar (6.24%).

• Out of the total 31,795 suspected cases of measles around 80% (25,250) were under 5 years.

• A total of 4,457 samples have been tested out of which 1,605 were lab-confirmed and a total of 221 measles-associated deaths were reported between Jan - Apr 2022.