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Strategic Directions - WHO Country Cooperation Strategy: Syria

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The strategic priorities for WHO collaboration with Syria aligned with the WHO 13th Global Programme of Work and WHO Vision 2023 for Eastern Mediterranean as well as national context and health needs.

Strategic Goals

4 million more people will be protected from health emergencies by 2024

4 million more people will have universal health coverage by 2024

4 million more people will live healthier by 2024

Priority 1: Moving towards Universal Health Coverage by adapting the health care system to be resilient, accessible and of good quality

• Health information and evidence: providing timely, reliable, quality disaggregated health data on disease surveillance and service coverage to better report and monitor health system performance

• Health workforce: developing a human resource strategy based on a labour market analysis

• Initiating a policy dialogue to re-examine health strategies, policies and plans, service delivery packages, public health functions and programmes based on a common assessments and evidence

• Promoting adequate health financing by facilitating the provision of key evidence such as supporting the development of a national health accounts

• Analyzing and mapping the current pharmaceutical situation, including the capacity of public and private sectors in the pharmaceutical field and developing a joint plan to meet domestic needs

• Building national management and leadership capacity including strengthening donor coordination mechanisms for increased aid effectiveness

• Re-assessing public health infrastructure at primary and secondary care level vis-à-vis population dynamics and related demographic and socio-economic factors for comprehensive rehabilitation plan, priorities, and investments