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Global Weather Hazards Summary May 13 - 19, 2022

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Drought persists over the Horn of Africa despite recent increased rainfall over some areas in the region

  1. Severe drought persists in southern Madagascar.

  2. Abnormal dryness remains present across southern Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and northern Botswana.

  3. Inconsistent rainfall and dryness since late December has caused severe drought in parts of Namibia and Angola.

  4. Longer periods of decreased rainfall have led to expanding drought conditions across northeastern Ethiopia, northeastern Kenya and far southern Somalia.

Africa Overview

A poor belg rainy season has caused drought conditions across the Horn of Africa The Horn of Africa received below-average rainfall during the belg rainy season. Southwestern and eastern Ethiopia, much of Kenya, southern Somalia, and northern Tanzania received significantly reduced rainfall (Figure 1). The delayed onset to the belg season and poor rainfall distribution in March and April has caused drought in southern and eastern Ethiopia, Kenya, and southern Somalia.

Next week, moderate rainfall is expected over western Ethiopia while decreased and limited rainfall is forecast over much of the region.

Increased, widespread rainfall continued across West Africa last week

increased rainfall distribution was observed over West Africa with moderate to heavy localized rainfall along the Gulf of Guinea, particularly in southern Ghana and southern Nigeria (Figure 2). In addition, light to moderate rainfall was observed over the Sudanian-Guinean region. Cumulative rainfall over the past 30 days has been above-average over the majority of Gulf of Guinea countries.

Next week, moderate to heavy localized rainfall is forecast in Sierra Leone, Liberia, portions of Guinea, and central and southern Nigeria with light rainfall forecast in the remainder of the sub-region. Total rainfall in the sub-region is expected to be near average.