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Ukraine - Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #15, Fiscal Year (FY) 2022

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3,573 Civilian Deaths Resulting from the Conflict
OHCHR – May 2022

6.1 MILLION Refugees Fleeing Ukraine to Neighboring Countries
UNHCR – May 2022

8 MILLION People Internally Displaced Across Ukraine
IOM – April 2022

8.7 MILLION People Identified to Receive Humanitarian Assistance in Ukraine
UN – April 2022

• GoRF forces continue to attack schools and health facilities in Ukraine. More than 210 attacks on health facilities from February 24 to May 11 have restricted access to health care and contributed to at least 3,000 deaths among individuals with chronic illnesses unable to seek treatment, WHO reports.

• UN and ICRC evacuate approximately 600 civilians from Mariupol and surrounding areas from May 1 to 8.

• A WFP assessment finds that one-third of households in Ukraine are food-insecure due to diminished access to cash and livelihood activities.

• DART accompanies U.S. First Lady Jill Biden on visit to Ukraine to meet with USG partner.