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Flash Update #01: Women and Girls in Afghanistan – May 2022

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Afghan women and girls in 2022 face a perilously difficult set of challenges to their basic rights. Not only are they afflicted by acute humanitarian concerns – over half the population is food insecure– but they continue to face particular threats to their rights and wellbeing, due to the highly conservative outlook of the Taliban government. Women and girls are being systematically punished based on their gender. They must not be subject to restrictive policies and have the opportunity to take a proactive role in society.

The latest decrees by the Ministry on the restriction of dress and movement eliminates any chance for women who head their households to work and earn a much-needed income to feed their families. This is not only threatening to their rights, but is also exacerbating further food insecurity and starvation. In regard to education, the authorities must immediately reinstate secondary and tertiary schooling for girls, who must be given the chance to complete their education and have the right to pursue the same opportunities in society as their male counterparts.

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