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Statement: Odesa port strike / global hunger

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Action Against Hunger UK
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Yesterday the Black Sea export port of Odesa was struck by Russian missiles. Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged the international community to end the blockade of his country’s ports, in order to allow wheat shipments and prevent a global food crisis. The Port of Odesa or Odesa Sea Port—located near Odesa—is the largest Ukrainian seaport and one of the largest ports in the Black Sea basin, with a total annual traffic capacity of 40 million tonnes.

Reacting to this news, Jean-Michel Grand, CEO of Action Against Hunger has issued the following statement:

“We utterly condemn the bombing of the export port in Odesa. This is a defining moment in the conflict in Ukraine – the port has been blockaded by Russian warships for weeks, but the ultimate destruction of the port will have long-lasting impacts on global food supply. As countries across the world struggle with food shortages, millions of people are facing catastrophic levels of hunger. The destruction of the port of Mariupol will further impact rising food prices, starving the rest of the world of vital food stuffs.

Food prices are already at an all-time high, 26 million children are suffering from wasting and the UN is predicting skyrocketing child malnutrition. We cannot sit by and watch as millions of people starve to death.

Parties to the conflict must fulfil their obligations under international humanitarian law to protect civilians and ensure that hunger is not used as a weapon of war. It is our duty to act now – without hesitation- committing urgent funding to stave off the worst effects of the global food crisis.”

Jean-Michel Grand is available for interview.

Notes to editors:

  • Action Against Hunger  is the world’s leading charity in the fight against child hunger, treating more young children for life-threatening hunger than any other charity. They work in almost 50 communities across the world, providing access to food, water and sanitation, and life-saving medical treatment

  • Action Against Hunger UK’s CEO, Jean-Michel Grand is available for interviews upon request. Please contact Sarah Baldwin on or call 07776211518 for more information.