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TİKA Supports the Fight Against Hunger in South Sudan during Ramadan

Soudan du Sud
Turkish Red Crescent
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Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) delivered food parcels containing staples to 1800 families and 235 orphans in South Sudan as part of its Ramadan programs for 2022.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that 7.74 million people, that is, two-thirds of the population, will face hunger in South Sudan from April to July in 2022. In this context, food parcels containing staples were distributed to 1800 families and 235 orphans from South Sudan as part of TİKA’s programs.

Food parcels distributed in 5 different regions in South Sudan contain staples such as rice, sugar, beans, flour, and sunflower oil. TİKA distributed a total of 34 tonnes of food as part of the program. The event was attended by Abdullah Burj Rawal, Secretary-General of the South Sudan Islamic Council; Levent Şahin, Director of Turkish Maarif Foundation in Ethiopia; and Erdem Mutaf, the Republic of Türkiye’s Ambassador to Juba.

In his speech, Erdem Mutaf, the Republic of Türkiye’s Ambassador to Juba, stated that it was not the first time that TİKA distributed food aid in the country during Ramadan and that the Agency carried out such activities every year, that Diyanet Foundation provided food aid to three different regions this year, that the Turkish Red Crescent also delivered food aid, and that TİKA distributed food parcels in the country that day. He added that the Turkish people extended their helping hand to those in need in South Sudan through such distribution activities.