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Turkish Red Crescent Community Based Migration Programs Socio-economic Empowerment Program Team - Capacity development project for cooperatives, cooperative initiatives and social initiatives - Final report April 2022 [EN/TR]

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Turkish Red Crescent
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One of the most important dimensions of the migration crisis, which deeply affects all humanity, is to provide immigrant and asylum seeker populations with access to livelihoods, to achieve economic independence without the need for assistance and thus to establish social harmony with the local people.

One of the most valid methods of reducing or completely eliminating the economic-oriented negative perceptions and prejudices against immigrants and asylum seekers in the local society is that these people can participate in the production life and provide their own livelihoods and make an economic contribution to their relatives and even to the society they live in.

Starting with these sensitivities, Community Centers operating within the Turkish Red Crescent Community-Based Migration Programs aim to increase the employability of local people, Syrians under temporary protection and other foreigners under international protection within the scope of Socioeconomic Empowerment Program and to support the labor force policies of our country.

For this purpose, activities are carried out in the focus of developing professional capacity and language skills, directing to employment and observing rights in working life for beneficiaries.

At this point, we are pleased to share with you the results reports including the implementation processes, concrete outputs, multiplier effects and general evaluations of the projects carried out with public institutions, non-governmental organizations, private sector representatives and international stakeholders and aimed at enabling beneficiaries to access sustainable livelihoods. We hope that this report, which includes the field results of long and detailed planning studies, will pave the way for similar studies and shed light on that path.