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Rapid Notes from the Integrated Ebola Analytic Cell: Evidence Review from Equateur 2020 (27 April 2022)

RD del Congo
Govt. Rep. Congo
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An Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak has been declared in the province of Equateur, in Mbandaka (Wangata health area) since 23 April 2022. In view of an effective and efficient response, taking into account the knowledge, skills and practices of the population of Mbandaka, drawn from the surveys carried out by the Integrated Analytics Cell in 2020, we share below, with the actors of the response, the key findings and recommendations from these different analyses conducted during the 11th Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Equateur, including some key considerations in italics.

Review of pre-existing evidence and analysis (from communities, healthcare workers, programmes and surveillance teams) is ongoing and the Analytics Cell will continue to share summaries, recommendations and new analysis as needed.