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ICVA Annual Report 2021

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Dear Friends,

Our 2021 Annual Report mirrors the strength that ICVA and its members gain from our solidarity and common values.
The report includes our major achievements and reports on the main statutory elements needed for a transparent and accountable constituency.

It has been another year of challenging circumstances and new ways of working, across continents and time zones, but also a year full of learnings and looking forward.

The external Impact Study 2019-2021, released in March 2022, highlights our added value as a network on key transformations within our focus areas: Forced Migration, Humanitarian Financing and Humanitarian Coordination.
We continue to have a strong, diverse, and engaged membership basis. The large participatory process of ICVA 2030, the 2022-2030 strategy, and the innovative ways of engaging within the membership illustrate how ICVA is a membership-led network. Members are connected to work collectively to influence policy and practice to make humanitarian action more principled and effective.

We have increased resources and enhanced work in the regions. ICVA Secretariat now also operates in Dakar for West and Central Africa in addition to the ICVA Hubs in Nairobi, Amman, Bangkok, and representation in Mexico.
We have gone a step further on diversity and better organizational understanding of links between diversity and inclusion with concrete and ambitious plans for the future.

Our resilience and agility to keep delivering while covering also additional crucial topics or crises is continuously being tested such as when global attention switches geographically and as demonstrated by our success in integrating climate action and equal access to COVID-19 vaccination.

We gain confidence in our ability to reach out and mobilize civil society including at country level for joint advocacy such as on the open letter to States from the civil society organizations working with and for people facing hunger, starvation or famine all over the world.

We are able to be an agenda setter and influence priorities. We supported successful NGOs advocacy on gender equality and empowerment of women and girls as a stand-alone priority on IASC priorities for 2022-2024. We catalyzed NGO engagements for right based solutions for internally displaced persons and for the NGO engagement in the HighLevel Officials Meeting held two years after each Global Refugee Forum. We play a convening role for the NGO community such as being on the Grand Bargain Facilitation Group, or co-chair of the IASC Humanitarian Financing Result Group.

We support NGOs on the ground including national and local NGOs to better coordinate and deliver. This is illustrated throughout our engagement, with some specific examples such as the PSEA Communication and Outreach Fund and the NGO Fora Support Programme, both of which include innovative small funding mechanisms.

By convening and supporting for collective action, we reinforced our collaboration with alliances and networks: IASC NGO consortia, Big Issues Networks, Network on Collective Action, Action Committee on Migration; NGO Fora Programme and connecting to and between donor country NGO Fora.

The above is just a selection of points to trigger your curiosity to find out more in reading our annual report and in consulting the new website launched ahead of ICVA’s 60th anniversary in 2022.

I thank all our members, partners, staff members, consultants and other collaborators who made this work possible. Government donors, UN agencies and Philanthropic Foundations provide over 80% of the resources and very importantly offer valuable opportunities to foster partnership.

A special thank you to the outgoing ICVA Board for their leadership. Ensuring continuity with a new Board elected in May at the General Assembly, the Board led the network to the adoption of the ICVA 2030 Strategy and re-affirmation of the set of principles and standards relevant to principled and effective humanitarian action.

Ignacio Packer Executive Director, ICVA