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Achievement and Lesson-learned Report: “Seloka” Emergency and Humanitarian Response - Mount Semeru Eruption, Lumajang Regency (May 2022)

Plan International
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On December 4, 2021 at 15.20 local time, Mount Semeru spewed pyroclastic flow accompanied by volcanic ash cloud which indicated the potential for eruption. The Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) stated that Mount Semeru was at level II or "Alert" status. Since then, PVMBG conducted intensive observations and analyses for daily data updates. People were also encouraged to stay away within a radius of 1 km from the peak of Semeru and a radius of 5 km from the South to Southeast of the Mountain’s crater due to the risk of potential impact of the Semeru eruption such as hot cloud and lava flows in the river along Lumajang Regency area.

The Lumajang Regency Government immediately issued an Emergency Response Decree No.188.45/525/427.12/211 and promptly coordinated with relevant agencies and offices in an effort to evacuate affected and potentially affected communities to the temporary evacuation shelters. In response to this situation, Yayasan Plan International Indonesia (Plan Indonesia) actively supports the government in providing assistance to affected communities, especially children, young women, and their families, through "Seloka" (Semeru Local) Emergency and Humanitarian Response.