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Interim Report: System-Wide Evaluation of the UNDS Response to COVID-19 March 2022

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Executive Summary

The System-Wide Evaluation This evaluation, with its system-wide perspective, serves the essential purpose of providing an assessment of the effectiveness of the UNDS response to COVID-19, supported by an analysis of how UNDS reform may have influenced that response.It will also provide an assessment of how the response has integrated core UN values of Human Rights, Gender Equality, Inclusion (including, among other vulnerable groups, persons with disabilities) and Leave No One Behind. The evaluation can help secure an effective UNDS response to COVID-19 aimed at re-gaining progress toward Agenda 2030.

The Interim Report

This interim report presents the emerging findings and recommendations arising from the completion of appriximately one third of planned data collection and analysis. The emerging reommendations will be further refined and augmented during the remaining portion of the evaluation. The final report of the evaluation, in September 2022, will provide completed findings, conclusions and recommendations. The purpose of this report is to provide inputs to the Secretary General’s 2022 Report on the Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review and, thereby, to serve as a support to Member States decision making in the Economic and Social Council Operational Activities Segment.

A Continuing Development Emergency

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a comprehensive and continuing development emergency.
It has caused deep disruptions in health, education, and other basic services and has exacerbated deeply rooted inequalities with especially severe impacts for women, youth, informal workers, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. The pandemic has caused a reversal of progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals. The development emergency identified by the Secretary General in early 2020 has not abated and the call for the UNDS to shift to an emergency mode has been validated.

The Country-level UNDS Response in Jordan

The Jordan UN Country Team, under the leadership of the Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, has achieved important results in pursuing a more coherent UNDS response to COVID-19 by strengthening a nexus approach to humanitarian and development programming and by carrying out an inclusive and unifying process to develop the Jordan Socio Economic Framework (SEF). The SEF content and process of development is, in turn, positively influencing the development of the new UN Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework for Jordan. This process has supported the UN Country Team in its commitment to UN values of Human Rights, Gender Equality, Inclusion and Leave No One Behind. Through these mechanisms, the UNDS reform process contributed to a more cohesive offer of UNDS services.