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Rohingya Refugee Crisis in Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh: Health Sector Bulletin No. 18, Reporting period: January to March 2022

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● COVID-19 pandemic continued to dominate the health response agenda throughout Q1/2022 due to a resurgence in infection driven by Omicron Variant.

● Simultaneously, the Government of Bangladesh supported by the Health Sector partner pushed forward on the COVID-19 vaccination for refugees/FDMNs 18 years+ and Pregnant and Lactating Women

● Selected partners piloted the General Health Card at 02 Primary Health Care Centres, 03 Health Posts, and 02 field hospitals in the camp, targeting 500 patients.

● Health Sector Partners continue to face impediments to volunteer-driven health activities due to inconsistent implementation of volunteer incentive policy by camp authorities

● The Health Sector Gender Action Plan 2022 has been developed. The Sector is also working on strengthening capacity to monitor the quality of GBV services across the health services using the GBV Quality Assurance Tool.

● The 2022 Joint Response Plan was launched on 29th March, with the Health Sector partners appealing for USD 110m, by end of Q1 only 1.9% of requested funds were reportedly received.