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Indonesia - Anak Krakatau volcanic eruption (BNPB, MAGMA Indonesia) (ECHO Daily Flash of 29 April 2022)

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  • On 24 April, Anak Krakatau volcano, located in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra, erupted, and the ash column reached up to 3 km high from the summit of the crater. Effusive and explosive activity has been reported over the past few days.
  • According to the Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB), people living in a radius of 5 km from the volcano have been advised to be prepared for possible evacuations while all the activities within a radius of 2 km have been banned.
  • National authorities raised the alert level from two (alert) to three (standby) following the recent activity of the volcano.
  • On 22 December 2018, a tsunami was generated by the collapse of the Anak Krakatau Volcano, with waves propagating in all directions inside the Sunda Strait, the sea portion between the Java and Sumatra Islands, causing more than 430 fatalities.