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IOM Flash Appeal - Ukraine and Neighbouring Countries: April 2022

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The war in Ukraine has triggered one of the largest humanitarian crises on record with over 7.7M people displaced in the country and another 5M refugees and 224,000 third country nationals (TCNs) fleeing across borders in the past two months. As the crisis continues to evolve, displacement patterns continue to change. Flexibility to support previously trapped populations in newly accessible areas, and to address new and secondary displacements and returning populations with humanitarian assistance, remains at the forefront of the response.

IOM’s Revised Flash Appeal for Ukraine and Neighbouring Countries seeks to mobilize 514M USD in order to meet the needs of crisis affected people inside Ukraine and its neighbouring countries – Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia – as well as other states providing refuge to Ukrainians and TCNs.

IOM’s overarching priorities include the dignity, safety and protection of vulnerable conflict affected populations, including internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees, trapped populations, host communities and third country nationals (TCN), and the provision of quality services across a comprehensive set of sectors.

IOM will implement a multi-sector humanitarian response, supporting Government partners and local authorities to respond. IOM’s approach is aligned with the humanitarian-development-peace-nexus and IOM’s Global Strategic Vision to set the stage for transitional opportunities that enable medium and longer-term interventions, particularly for community infrastructure and services, and support for livelihoods and economic resilience.

This appeal outlines IOM’s proposed response since the conflict began through the end of the year (2022), focusing on a range of activities that aim to meet the varied needs of those impacted by the crisis and is fully aligned with inter-agency appeals.