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Attacks on Health Care Bi-Monthly News Brief: 06 - 19 April 2022

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SHCC Attacks on Health Care

The section aligns with the definition of attacks on health care used by the Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition (SHCC).



05 April 2022: In Southwest region, MSF announced the suspension of its operations in protest over the Cameroonian Government’s failure to release four of its staff members currently held in detention over accusations of aiding secessionists. Sources: HumAngle and The Guardian 06 April 2022: Near the Airport in Douala, a doctor was kidnapped for ransom by four men. Source: mimimefo

Central African Republic

06 April 2022: Near Kpanaga village, Basse-Kotto prefecture, suspected members of the CPC attacked a convoy of vehicles belonging to the INGO Action Against Hunger along the Mingala Highway. After searching staff members, the perpetrators seized their satellite phones, mobile phones, computers and printers, as well as other belongings. Four NGO staff and a member of the health district were injured. One NGO employee was shot and had to be evacuated to Bangui for treatment. In response, the INGO suspended its mobile clinic services and activities pertaining to access to safe drinking water in remote areas. Source: HumAngle

09 April 2022: In Bangui, Russian mercenaries of the Wagner Security Group forcefully entered the gendarmerie infirmary of the Henri Izamo Military Camp and raped women in the maternity ward, including some who had just given birth. Soldiers were stationed inside the camp at the time but they failed to protect the victims. Source: HumAngle

10 April 2022: In Bangui, Russian mercenaries of the Wagner Security Group, armed with pistols and under the influence of alcohol, forcefully entered the gendarmerie infirmary of the Henri Izamo Military Camp, where they sexually abused two women who had just given birth, in the presence of a nurse and a nurse aide. The group then attempted to rape the nurse, who managed to escape and requested help from the Chief of the Centre, also a gendarme. The group pretended to leave the facility, only to return by breaking through a window and raping the nurse aide. Source: HumAngle

11-12 April 2022: In Gordile locality, Russian mercenaries of the Wagner Security Group, supported by Central African troops, stole 37 motorcycles, four of which belonged to the ICRC, as part of a wider assault in the area during which at least 20 civilians were killed. Source: HumAngle

Democratic Republic of the Congo

09 April 2022: In Busanza, a health centre was looted by M23 rebels. Source: WikiRumours


06 April 2022: In Damboa LGA, Borno state, ISWAP fighters trying to invade the town burned down the General Hospital, before looting the facility. Sources: Zagazola I and Zagazola

South Sudan

10 April 2022: In Leer county, Unity state, a Nursing Care Provider at an MSF Community Based Health Care Facility was shot and killed while off-duty. Due to his mobile disability, he was unable to flee from the armed perpetrators when they reached the area where he lived. Sources: Radio Tamazuj and Sudan Tribune



19 April 2022: In Dasht-e-Barchi neighbourhood, Kabul, an IED of unidentified origin detonated inside the Abdul Rahim Shaheed High School, as students were coming out of their morning classes.
A second blast took place as rescuers arrived to ferry victims from the first explosion to hospitals. At least six people were killed, and 17 others wounded. Source: Al Jazeera

Sri Lanka

As reported on 11 April 2022: In the midst of a financial crisis and a lack of effective response by the Sri Lankan Government, shortages of life-saving medications may result in a catastrophic number of deaths. The shortages include drugs to treat heart attacks and tubes to aid newborn babies to breathe. Several hospitals have suspended routine surgeries and greatly reduced the number of laboratory tests, prompting doctors, nurses and other health workers to take to the streets.
At the same time, persistent power cuts have forced doctors in rural areas to stitch wounds and treat snakebites in the dark. Source: Al Jazeera