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WFP Palestine Country Brief, March 2022

Publication date

In Numbers

373,646 people assisted In March 2022

US$3.4 m in WFP cash-based transfers made

US$9.4 m in cash-based transfers made through service provision

US$17.2 m six-month (April – September 2022) net funding requirements

Operational Updates

  • In March, WFP supported around 373,646 people in need. Of those, 304,163 received cash-based transfers, fully reaching the prioritized beneficiaries in the West Bank, and 99 percent in Gaza. 69,483 people are reached through the quarterly in-kind distributions. Resilience and vocational training also continued, as did the operation’s social behavior change initiative.

  • WFP continued the provision of its technical expertise and cash-based transfer platform to other humanitarian agencies to facilitate the implementation of projects. Through this service provision in March, WFP enabled assistance to about 100,045 households and the redemption of about US$9.4 million.

  • WFP signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UNICEF to strengthen joint work on improving nutrition among the most vulnerable women and young children. The joint programme aims to support the national social protection systems, improve community accountability mechanisms, as well as support adolescents and youth for better employment opportunities through leveraging resources and collaboration.

  • As per the agreement between WFP and UN Women, a study on Gender Dynamics in WFP Beneficiary Households was commissioned, focusing on the effect of household dynamics on expenditures patterns, coping strategies, incidences of gender-based violence, financial inclusion, and access to and control over resources.
    Initial findings indicate that women and men make decisions over the shopping almost equally, and around 85 percent of people find WFP assistance to have a positive impact on relations between spouses.

  • WFP is monitoring price trends for the most consumed staple commodities and in Palestine, especially those impacted by the Ukraine crisis. In March, the average value of WFP food ration prices has recorded its highest level, increasing 8.62 percent compared to March 2021. The overall food Price Index (FFPI) increased 12.6 percent from February. The full report can be accessed here.

  • WFP is in consultation with its donors to increase the current monthly US$10.3 per person voucher value by an additional US$5 per month, for around 304,000 people in Gaza and the West Bank to mitigate the Ukraine crisis impact on their purchasing power. This increase will require additional US$12 million for six months.