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Ukraine Crisis Response - Situation report #7, 27 April 2022

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World Vision
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Situation overview

According to UNICEF, over 6 million people in Ukraine have limited access to drinking water as the hostilities intensify. There are about 1.4 million people without access to safe water in eastern Ukraine and a further 4.6 million with only limited access.

The secondary effects of the crisis in Ukraine risk tipping up to 1.7 billion people (over one fifth of the global population) into poverty, destitution and hunger, according to the findings of Global Crisis Response Group on Food, Energy and Finance (GCRG) Children continue to face multiple protection risks such as kidnapping, violence, sexual abuse, separation from their families and exploitation, with unaccompanied children being the most vulnerable. DFA Analysis brief.

The education of 5.7 million children in Ukraine has been disrupted as schools shut down at the start of the war. In conflict-affected areas, security concerns, coupled with the lack of access to electricity and internet, continues to hamper access to education services.

There are still high levels of needs in Ukraine, with many areas where people are not consistently able to access food.

World Vision calls on leaders around the world to make a real push for peace. The international community and humanitarian agencies must redouble efforts to protect and support the millions of children whose lives and health are threatened across the region.