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KOICA and UNOPS partner to improve the teaching and learning of science in schools in Zanzibar

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  • US $3million allocated to UNOPS to build science laboratories and supply equipment to 10 secondary schools in Zanzibar

  • Construction work for 10 new science laboratories commences

Funded by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) as part of its Enhancing Quality of Secondary School Education (EQSSE) project in Zanzibar, UNOPS is working with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT) in Zanzibar to help enhance secondary school education in Zanzibar. This project supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, quality education and is aligned with the Government of Tanzania’s vision 2025.
UNOPS role is to support KOICA in the delivery of the EQSSE project to address “inadequate science laboratories, in which the infrastructure or materials are insufficient for learning,” one of the key challenges for Zanzibar Secondary Education.

With funding of US $3million, UNOPS is set to build science laboratories and supply equipment to 10 secondary schools in Zanzibar:

  • Unguja (4) - Bumboni Secondary School, Fukuchani Secondary School, Jendele Secondary School and Machui Secondary School;

  • Pemba (5) - Chambani Secondary School, Chanjamiawiri Secondary School, Shumba Secondary School, Uondwe Secondary School and Wambaa Secondary School;

  • Tumbatu (1) - Jongowe Secondary School.

Starting with Jongowe Secondary School in Tumbatu, Zanzibar, construction works commenced in April 2022, aiming to be completed before the end of 2022.

KOICA country director for Tanzania, Kyucheol Eo, said the Korean government will continue to support Tanzania in different sectors, especially in the education sector. Mr Eo hopes that the project will improve the quality of science classes and contribute to achieving the overall objectives of the EQSSE project.

John Fofanah, Project Manager and UNOPS Head of Office in Tanzania, expressed his gratitude towards the fruitful partnership with KOICA and underscored commitments to deliver the new science laboratories with equipment and reagents for physics, chemistry, and biology classes while assuring all the health, safety, social and environmental guidelines to take place during the construction.