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Sudan: Humanitarian Update, March 2022 (No. 03) 1 – 31 March 2022 [EN/AR]

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This regular update, covering humanitarian developments from 1 to 31 March, is produced by OCHA Sudan. The next humanitarian update will be issued in May 2022


• An estimated 6,900 people were displaced by inter-communal conflict in West, North and South Darfur states in March 2022.

• In March, conflict in West Darfur’s Jebel Moon locality left 17 people dead, three villages burned, six villages partially burned, and up to 12,500 people displaced to neighbouring localities, into the Jebel Moon mountains and across the border into Chad.

• A total of 8,127 people were displaced in Sudan due to conflict and natural disasters during March, according to IOM.

• In 2021, humanitarian partners reached over 8.7 million people—out of the 8.9 million people targeted—across Sudan with some form of humanitarian assistance.

• Kala-azar (visceral leishmaniasis) cases are on the rise in Gedaref State with 303 cases reported, including 91 cases among children under the age of five, and eight associated deaths since January.


The economic situation in Sudan continued to take a turn for the worse in March 2022. The political crisis severely impacted the Sudanese economy, resulting in interrupted access to markets and reduced income-earning opportunities, market activities and trade flows. This led to higher prices and supply shortages of basic goods, including medicine, wheat, fuel and agricultural inputs. It further resulted in reduced purchasing power and increased food insecurity, deepening vulnerability in the population – many of whom remain in need of basic services and assistance, according to the most recent report of the Secretary-General on the situation in Sudan.
On 9 March, the authorities increased the prices of fuel, and the petrol price increased from 408 Sudanese pounds (SDG) to 547 SDG (34 per cent increase) per litre. The price of diesel also increased from 390 SDG to 505 SDG (30 per cent increase) per litre. On 20 March, petrol prices increased to 672 SDG ($1.08 at the exchange rate of 620 SDG to the dollar) per litre from 542 SDG ($1.03 at the exchange rate of 526 SDG to the dollar at that time), while the price of diesel increased to 642 SDG per litre from 505 SDG. The increase will likely lead to a further increase in living and transportation costs, compounding an already dire food security situation across the country.

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