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NGO feedback on the UN Secretary-General "Draft Action Agenda on Internal Displacement" (March 2022)

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A document issued by InterAction and ICVA


From its inception in February 2020, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been strongly engaged in the process led by the High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement. Reacting to the release of its report on September 29, 2021, NGO members of InterAction and the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA), sent a letter to the United Nations Secretary-General expressing strong support for the Panel’s recommendations and urging him to take immediate action in implementing those clearly within his purview.
It is therefore with great interest that InterAction and ICVA members received the draft U.N. Secretary-General Action Agenda on Internal Displacement, as part of follow-up initiatives to the High-Level Panel’s report. At the outset, NGOs express their appreciation for the continued participatory approach and the opportunity to provide inputs and contribute to shaping strategic and tangible collective interventions on solutions to protracted displacement.
This collective feedback intends to help further strengthen the proposed mechanisms, particularly by suggesting ways to reinforce the whole-of-society approach. The feedback comments are mainly organized following the structure of the Action Agenda—first providing overall comments related to the framing, overarching goals, and guiding principles before addressing elements of major importance to NGOs in the draft Action Agenda. The final section comments on some of the High-Level Panel’s proposals that are not reflected in the draft Action Agenda.