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Resilient communities acting early to mitigate effects of 2020-21 monsoon floods in Bangladesh: Stories from the frontline

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This publication portrays stories from communities acting early ahead of floods to protect their lives, assets and livelihoods in Bangladesh. It also provides insights into how the government’s capacity to tackle the impact of the monsoon flood has increased. All the stories echo one note. Timely and accessible forecasting and early warnings are essential for making communities well prepared and able to take anticipatory action. Furthermore, support should be extended and provisions made to facilitate early actions, and ensure safety and dignity of people while doing so, particularly women and the most vulnerable individuals within the community.

The impact of floods can be reduced when communities are more resilient. This comes with better forecasting and early warning so that communities are empowered to take necessary early actions to prepare. Identifying appropriate early actions to work within the often-limited lead time given can be crucial. But, readiness, joint support and coordination can help in combating the adverse impacts and be a pathway to a sustain- able community.