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TİKA Supports the Orphans and Education Center in Somalia

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Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) equipped the Orphans and Education Center in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, and put the center into service with a ceremony.

The Somalia Orphans and Education Center, which was built by TİKA, Hayrat Foundation, and Rajo Development Organization with the support of the students of Trabzon Bahçecik Imam Hatip Secondary School and was equipped by TİKA, has been put into service.

In his speech at the ceremony, İlhami Turus, TİKA’s Coordinator in Mogadishu, stated that there was a great need for such an education center to serve orphans in Somalia, and thanked Hayrat Foundation and Bahçecik Imam Hatip Secondary School for this project. Turus underlined that Türkiye and TİKA treat Somali children as their own, and said that he hoped the Orphans and Education Center would be beneficial for the future of Somali children.

Mustafa Kaplan delivered a speech on behalf of Hayrat Foundation and thanked those who contributed to the project, underlining that both education that follows Somali curriculum and hifz education would be provided at the center, which was put into service with the contribution of Hayrat Foundation, TİKA, and Bahçecik Imam Hatip Secondary School.

The center, which will provide food, shelter, and education to a large number of orphans due to the civil war, terrorism, and climatic conditions in Somalia, will serve a total of 300 orphans, including 20 boarders.