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Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) Monthly Report: March 2022

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March snapshots

1,507,038 individuals
reached with cash assistance

233.590.890 TRY
transferred to 243,011 households

6.695.371.210 TRY
transferred since April 2020


The rotational delegate scheme, within the framework of the partnership between IFRC and TRC, continued to be implemented during March. While this scheme involves interrelated objectives such as allowing delegates to contribute to the implementation and learning on the ESSN programme, it provides the deployed people with an opportunity to build on their existing knowledge, skills and experience through on-the-job learning and peer-to-peer exchange inherent to the scheme. Please refer to page four for more detailed information about the rotational delegate scheme.

Task force meeting, which stand for visibility of the ESSN programme and aim to maximize coordination, started to be held in the Marmara-Aegean region, and continued in the Southeast. Kızılaykart programmes are mentioned at the meeting, where representatives from various NGOs get the most up-to-date information about the programme. Also, the notifications shared by the participants about the field are noted and feedback is provided. Our regional task force meetings, which are followed with great interest, will be held quarterly in 2022.