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Ukraine Crisis Response - Situation report #6, 14 April 2022

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World Vision
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Situation Overview

Food shortages in Ukraine are increasing in hotspots, caused by conflict-induced supply chain disruptions.
Logistics challenges are also increasing as humanitarian actors scale up their responses.

In a recent IMC MHPSS rapid assessment of the situation for Ukrainian refugees in Poland, refugees reported high levels of problems with sleep, grief due to loss and separation from family, and fear and uncertainty of the future. A rapid needs assessment from REACH in Eastern Ukraine last week reported that access to medication and disruption to transportation and/or fuel supplies were concerns affecting the everyday lives of families. Over 80% of people also reported disruption to child welfare services, and 69% of communities reported that educational facilities had been damaged.

In Western Ukraine and neighbouring countries, markets and the financial sector are working, and cash transfers are fully feasible. World Vision is working with partners to quickly scale up cash distributions and scholarships in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. In Eastern Ukraine, further monitoring is required to determine the best transfer modality.

UNICEF reports that nearly two-thirds of Ukrainian children have been displaced in the last six weeks as people continue to flee their homes, especially in areas impacted by escalating hostilities in eastern and southern areas of the country