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General Al Sam'ey Discusses Opportunities for Peace in Yemen with Chairman of Tamdeen Youth Foundation [EN/AR]

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In Sana'a, General Sultan Al Sam'ey, a member of the Supreme Political Council, met with Chairman of Tamdeen Youth Foundation, Mr. Hussein Al Suhaily, to discuss opportunities for peace in Yemen.

The meeting addressed many outstanding issues of peace-building and economic recovery, and the importance of combining civil and official efforts to address them.

The meeting, which was attended by members of Al Shura Council, including Mr. Abdo Al Jondi and Mr. Abdul Wasa Al Ammari, focused on investing all opportunities to reopen roads and corridors in Taiz and all other Yemeni governorates.

It also discussed the role of civil society organizations in development and economic recovery, and what civil society expects from the authorities in Sana'a.

In this regard, Al Suhaily pointed out to the Development and Economic Recovery Initiative, launched by Tamdeen Youth Foundation earlier this year, while stressing the need to neutralize the economy from conflict and invest the ongoing truce in the work of reuniting monetary and financial institutions, led by the Central Bank.

General Al Sam'ey appreciated TYF's efforts and stressed that the official side will do its utmost to support the peace and development initiatives of civil society.

" Opening roads and reviving social cohesion in Taiz governorate and in all Yemeni governorates without exception is the top of our priorities in the next phase"

The attendees agreed to hold a series of meetings that would resolve issues that are disturbing society and affecting the lives of citizens.

The meeting was attended by TYF's Advocacy Officer, Mr. Ammar Al Ashwal, and many social actors, local councillors and opinion leaders.