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CBi Annual Report 2021

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The Connecting Business initiative (CBi) Annual Report provides an overview of the achievements in the past five years and the achievements in 2021.

CBi supported private sector networks around the world to strategically engage the private sector in disaster management. Since its launch on 24 May 2016 during the World Humanitarian Summit, CBi has helped the private sector respond to more than 100 disasters ranging from tropical cyclones, major earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to situations involving conflict, violence and displacement. CBi Member Networks have helped over 18 million people and mobilized more than US$72 million of cash and in-kind support.

Five years after the launch of the Connecting Business initiative, 2021 was a year to take stock of accomplishments and lessons learned as well as to expand and reflect on the way forward in an ever-more challenging context for disaster risk management and crisis response.

The Annual Report is currently available in English, but will soon be published in French, Spanish, and Arabic as well.

Connecting Businness Annual Report provides an overview of private sector activities in disaster preparedness, response and recovery in 2021, and a look back at the five past years of CBi activities.

Last year, CBi supported 13 private sector networks around the world in strategically engaging the private sector in disaster management. These networks reached a combined number of 275,000 micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

All CBi Member Networks continued to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and to other emergencies, including an earthquake in Haiti, floods in Sri Lanka and a super typhoon in the Philippines. In addition, networks worked on disaster preparedness and resilience. They reached at least 1 million people through crisis response activities and raised US$ 7.2 million in cash and in-kind donations.