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Afghanistan pledging conference 2022: Chairs statement

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  1. Today 31st March 2022, we the co-hosts from OCHA, Germany, Qatar and the United Kingdom led the Afghanistan pledging conference for 2022. We were joined by the United Nations Secretary-General Mr. Antonio Guterres, 38 Ministers and Deputy Ministers, as well as distinguished representatives from 115 countries, organisations and International Financial Institutions.

  2. This year the UN launched its largest ever humanitarian appeal recognising the unprecedented scale of the crisis in Afghanistan. More than 24.4 million people require humanitarian assistance to survive. Food security levels have plunged at a rate not seen elsewhere in such a short period, with half the population facing acute hunger, including 9 million people in emergency food insecurity – the highest number globally. Malnutrition is on the rise, and livelihoods have been destroyed. In response, today the international community confirmed its support for the people of Afghanistan at this critical time.

  3. Whilst we have seen a reduction in armed conflict across the country, its legacy still impacts the Afghan population with an estimated 6 million people remaining internally displaced, and the continued risk posed across the country by unexploded ordnance.

  4. The Afghan people deserve to live in dignity, peace and security, reflecting the last two decades of their political, economic and social achievements, in particular for women and girls.

  5. We, the co-hosts paid tribute to the tireless efforts of humanitarian aid agencies and workers in Afghanistan who have remained steadfast during these challenging times, delivering critical humanitarian aid through a difficult winter period.

  6. We expressed our gratitude to the distinguished representatives of Afghanistan’s civil society, who discussed the humanitarian situation on the ground, with a particular focus on women and children, for their tireless and courageous efforts in supporting the Afghan people.

  7. Today’s conference showcased the spirit of global solidarity and our enduring commitment to the people of Afghanistan:

• pledges of $2.4bn in support of the continued humanitarian response.

• In addition, announcements were made by International Financial Institutions, including initiatives of $405m from the Asian Development Bank in support of basic services and agreement by the World Bank Board to make available $1.2bn from Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund.

• There has also been generous support from Afghanistan’s neighbours who provide vital in-kind assistance including food supplies, energy and infrastructure, and support for large numbers of refugees who have fled Afghanistan.

  1. We, the co-hosts committed to ensuring that humanitarian aid in 2022 is tailored to ensure that the distinct needs of women and girls are addressed in our support.

  2. The co-hosts expressed their appreciation to Martin Griffiths for his engagement with the Taliban to seek reassurance of their commitment to humanitarian principles and to continue to respect and facilitate the delivery of independent humanitarian assistance.

10.The co-hosts expressed their deep concern and disappointment at the Taliban’s decision to restrict access to secondary education for girls, despite earlier commitments to do so. They reaffirmed the right to education for all Afghans, including girls, and called on the Taliban to respect the right to education for all, and adhere to their commitments to reopen schools for all female students. The co-hosts also underscored the importance of the international community engaging in constructive dialogue with the Taliban to make progress on this and other important issues.

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