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Building an Enabling Environment, GNC Advocacy Strategy, 2022-2025

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The 2022-2025 GNC Advocacy Strategy (the Strategy) is intended as a strategic framework for a coordinated approach to the delivery of GNC advocacy efforts. Developed to complement the 2022-2025 GNC Global Strategy it directly relates to its third strategic objective (SO3) —Building an enabling environment— and cuts across other objectives to support the advancement of GNC strategic priorities, addressing identified challenges, working across levels and sectors, linking humanitarian and development actors and bringing together partners to jointly influence the global and national narrative on nutrition in situations of fragility while strengthening GNC advocacy capacities, systems, processes, and practices.

The Strategy identifies three interlinked priorities to strengthen nutrition coordination, prioritization, and financing in situations of fragility contributing to shifting mindsets and systems towards a nexus approach and around scaling up, multi-sector, multi-year, unearmarked funding to better support the nutritional needs of people in crisis and collaborate to reduce humanitarian need.