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Ukraine Situation - Moldova : Spotlight on ACTED activities Palanca (09.04.22)

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ACTED's emergency response team was immediately deployed when the first influx of Ukrainian refugees entered Moldova. Since February 24th, 392,933 refugees have crossed the official border crossing points into Moldova. ACTED’s staff has been working and identifying key priorities at Palanca, the primary border crossing point, since March 4th.

ACTED runs free shuttles from the Palanca and Tudora border crossing points, bringing Ukrainian refugees in need of assistance to the Palanca humanitarian hub. From there, ACTED’s free buses transport refugees to Chișinău, Moldova or Romania, based on their preference. ACTED also supports refugees enrolled in the UNHCR Airlift Program with free transportation to MoldExpo, Chișinău’s main Refugee Accommodation Center (RAC) for processing and onwards flights from Chisinau airport.