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Hazard Incidences in Bangladesh, March 2022

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In March 2022, 8 hazards took place across Bangladesh i.e., Covid-19, Fire, Boat Capsize, Riverbank Erosion, HeatWave, Wall Collapse, Dengue, and Diarrhoea. Among them, the most devastating Covid 19 affected a total of 8,000 persons across the country.

Among these 85 persons died and 66,639 persons recovered according to the national report of March 2022.

Omicron, a new variant makes a huge negative effect on us. According to NDRCC reports, A total of 897 Fire incidents took place throughout the country, in which 14 people died, and 49 people were injured. 6 Boat Capsize incidents took place this month where a total of 15 people died and 5 fishermen were missing while the capsize of a launch in Narayanganj District at Bandar Upazila is most devastating which sink with 50 people from where only 9 dead bodies were identified. Caused Riverbank Erosion is also less than the previous month.

Barishal Sadar faced a bad impact for this. Wall Collapsed causing of death 4 persons and missing 8 people in March month. 3 Heat Wave incident was reported this month while the maximum temperature was recorded at 38.3 degree Celsius on 20th March 2022 in Rajshahi District. Diarrhoea was badly affected in this month all over the country. The impact of Dengue is not noticeable in March month. 22 confirmed case was identified in March month.