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Cash Consortium of Yemen (CCY) - Special Update 04: Impact of Fuel Price on Purchasing Power from December 2021 to March 2022

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Key findings:

• The Survival Minimum Expenditure Basket (SMEB) are only covering the food and wash sectors. and it’s value increased in both IRG and DFA areas due to the Petrol and Diesel prices volatility with taking into consideration the exchange rate stability in the DFA areas.
• Another main factor contributing to the SMEB value is the Exchange Rate in the IRG areas.
• WASH items in the DFA areas is the least affected by the Petrol & Diesel.
• In Jan-22, the Food and WASH value had a bit recovery in the prices, and yet, in Feb-22, the prices started to increase drastically as well as the Petrol & Diesel in the IRG areas of interests.
• The price of Diesel in Mar-22 reached double the price of Petrol in the IRG areas.