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Bangladesh: Epidemiological Highlights Week 12 (21-27 March 2022)

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Highlights: COVID-19

As of week 12, (21-27 Mar) 2022 there were 5,902 confirmed cases of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), out of 96,160 samples that had been submitted for testing. The total positivity rate now stands at 6.1% In the reporting week, thirteen (13) new confirmed cases were detected out of 936 total samples tested. This translated to a 1.4% Test positivity Rate (TPR) which is up from the 4.7% reported the week before.

As of this week (week 12)

• Median age of tested and confirmed cases were 11 (0-120) and 21 (0-100) years respectively

• Proportion of females among tested and confirmed cases were 54% and 55% respectively

• All the 34 camps, have so far reported confirmed cases since the outbreak began, while the five camps with the highest number of reported cases were; C17-404, C24-387, C2W-368, C4-363, and C3-337

• No new death was reported in this Epi week. Total confirmed COVID-19 deaths so far reported to date stands at 42 with the average case fatality ratio of 0.7%

• The weekly incidence was 15.1 cases/1 million population in this Epi week which is 70% lower in comparison with the week before.