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Radio Ergo audience feedback report, 08 April 2022

Radio Ergo
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Brief Summary

Calls this week (31 March-6 April 2022) to Radio Ergo’s feedback platform indicated that whilst rain fell in some parts of the country, other parts remained dry with water and fodder scarcity prevailing. Many callers, even where some rainfall had been received, said their livestock were either dead or very frail, diseases were common, and there were food shortages and escalating prices. Many said they needed aid to survive or recover. The following summarises the calls by theme.

Food security – among calls from the northern regions, a female caller in Hawd, Togdher, said they had water after the rain, but their livestock still had nothing to eat. A caller in Hingalol, Sanag, said they needed help after heavy rains damaged their huts. Callers in Bari and Mudug complained of rising prices of food and fuel.
A caller in Haradhere said heavy rainfall came too late as they had lost their livestock and they also lacked food. A female caller in IDP camps in Adado said they lacked food and needed aid. A female caller in Galgadud said her goats had all died, she had migrated in search of water, and now they had water after rainfall but lacked food and shelter. A female caller in Mogadishu said she had been displaced from Dusamareb and had no work to pay her rent.

Drought conditions – among callers complaining of worsening drought conditions in their areas, there were many from Togdher, Sanag, and Sool, and a few from Berbera, Hargeisa, and Awdal. A caller in Buhodle said many people were fleeing to cities like Lasanod and Garowe while another said their livestock were in poor condition and people lacked food. Another caller in Buhodle said they had some rainfall but barely any livestock were left after the drought. Others called from Burao and Dhoqoshay saying they had no water and needed intervention. In Sanag, the callers complained of prolonged drought and water shortage. A caller in Baqeyle said most livestock had died. A caller in Harkadhere said they desperately needed aid to survive the drought. Callers from various parts of Sool said they needed aid from the federal or Somaliland governments or aid agencies. They spoke of losing livestock, and families being in a vulnerable situation. In Puntland, several callers in Bari said they faced prolonged drought and water scarcity and their livestock were suffering. Callers said their livestock were sick with diseases including diarrhoea. A caller in Rako-Raho said they needed aid agencies to bring them water and food. Among callers in Mudug, one in Garad said they were losing livestock in large numbers, and another in Dool said people were migrating to areas where they heard there had been some rain. A caller in Hiran said his family had lost 90 goats to this disaster and their children were now suffering. Further south, calls came from Middle and Lower Shabelle, Bakool, and Gedo. A female caller in Widhwidh said drought had killed her goats and she and her children were stranded. Another said they had no pumps to draw water from the river Shabelle where levels were now very low. The callers in Gedo cited drought, water scarcity and livestock diseases and deaths.