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Civil Society Organizations in Yemen Support the Truce Agreement and Call for Serious Engagement in Negotiations for Comprehensive Solution to Address Economic Conditions [EN/AR]

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We, local civil society organizations signed below, welcome the announced truce agreement, under the auspices of the United Nations, between the parties to the conflict in Yemen, and encourage all parties to abide by it and take seriousness in engaging in political negotiations leading to a comprehensive political solution, a permanent end to all forms of violence and a sustainable peace agreement.

While we see the Truce as an important step, we appeal to all political forces and parties to the conflict to prove their seriousness in bringing lasting peace and stability to our country and ending the war that has turned people's lives into hell for more than 7 years.

We also call for lifting the blockade on cities, opening all roads and outlets, protecting all IDPs and facilitating their return to their homes throughout Yemen, as well as protecting non-Yemeni immigrants and facilitating their movement and access to basic services.

As we appreciate the efforts of the UN Secretary-General and his team in Yemen, we reiterate our demands for involving civil society in peace consultations at all levels.

Reaching a lasting peace agreement in Yemen depends on economic recovery and optimized livelihoods for citizens. Experience has shown that the lack of provisions and mechanisms for economic stability in the period following its signing threatens the resurgence of war.

Since much of the ongoing conflict revolves around economic issues and control of resources, we in civil society organizations demand the following:

Rapid identification of economic priorities and agreement on a comprehensive program for development and economic recovery, prepared and implemented jointly by the public and private sectors, civil society organizations, the donor community and local councils. This should include:

First, security must be established throughout Yemen by beginning to promote the role of security and the judiciary, activating civil services and ensuring easy and safe access for civilians to all services in various governorates.

Immediate agreement on measures to end the division of Yemen's key banking institutions, which play an important role in burdening Yemen's economy and citizens.

Commitment to a clear, comprehensive and accountable public sector salary mechanism, and agreement on the payment of pensions to all pensioners registered in the General Authority for Insurance and Pension and the General Insurance Institution.

Working directly on mechanisms to export Yemen's energy products from oil and gas more widely and as soon as possible, and taking serious steps towards diversifying and enhancing the competitiveness of non-oil sources of public resources and exports.

Solving the problem of public debt and facilitating the financial isolation of Yemeni banks to communicate with the global financial system in order to facilitate the import of basic materials and stop the informal financial transfers.

Developing mechanisms to improve transparency and accountability in the government expenditures, promoting the reunification of local institutions, and reforming public services.

Negotiating with the international community (donors, organizations, and regional and international economic bodies) to support the national currency, whether by bank deposits in the Central Bank or previous debt exemption, or to postpone payment with no interest for the coming period.

Developing public revenues by reforming the tax and customs system and developing their own revenue capabilities according to transparent mechanisms.

Supporting the recovery of the markets for inputs, agricultural and animal products, providing necessary services and raw materials, and supporting the marketing and investment support areas of producers to restore and enhance agricultural, livestock and fisheries production.

Reforming the business environment, creating an adequate and supportive investment environment for the private sector, thereby contributing to the promotion of partnership with the private sector and civil society organizations and increasing their economic and social role.

Preparing a comprehensive social protection strategy that provides employment opportunities, achieves economic empowerment, and preserves the dignity of citizens and the poor.

Optimize the humanitarian response mechanisms in Yemen, and direct humanitarian grants and assistance to the development projects and economic empowerment of local communities, thereby promoting stability, social cohesion and peace-building.

Facilitate the work of local organizations and promote their partnership with the government in the development of polices of theTriple Nexus (humanitarian response, development and peacebuilding).

Establish empowering programs to prepare school dropouts and university students to enter the local and regional labor market, and to provide workforce for the reconstruction phase, and reorganize the Skills Development Fund to increase its efficiency and expand its services in cooperation with civil society organizations and the private sector.

In conclusion, we emphasize the need for our participation in the first track of the peace negotiations, the promotion of our role on the second and third tracks, and the inclusion of our demands and points of view in the diplomatic efforts to end the war to establish a sustainable peace in Yemen.


  1. Tamdeen Youth Foundation

  2. Sustainable Development Foundation

  3. Relief & Development Peer Foundation - RDP

  4. Generations Without Qat

  5. Yemen Peace School Organization

  6. Yemeni Development Network For NGOs

  7. Youth Without Borders Org Yemen

  8. Abs Development Organization

  9. Feekr organization for dialogue and human rights defense

  10. Rawahel Foundation for Development

  11. Together we Rise Foundation For Women and child care

  12. Peace and building Foundation

  13. Wujoh Foundation For Media and Development

  14. Qudrah organization

15.Light Foundation For Development

  1. National Prisoner Foundation

  2. Ma’akum Developmental Foundation

  3. Benevolance Coalition For Humanitarian Relief

  4. Tatweer for development and humanitarian response

  5. Medical Mercy Foundation

  6. Together Foundation For development and human rights

  7. For All Foundation for development

  8. Social Peace Promotion and Legal Protection Foundation

  9. Improve your society organization (IYSO)

  10. Future Foundation Feminist Development

  11. Sada Foundation for Building &Development

  12. Yemen Hajjah- NGO

  13. Gusoor for Peace and Coexistence

  14. International Youth Council Yemen

  15. Alf Ba Civilian and Coexistence Foundation

  16. Wama Foundation for Development and Human Rights

  17. Hodeidah Girls Foundation for Social Development

  18. Attanweer Development Foundation

  19. Civil Alliance for Peace

  20. Democracy School

  21. Khadija Foundation for Development

  22. Musaala for Human Rights

  23. Heran Foundation for Local Development

  24. Caders Foundation For Development and human Relief

  25. CPS Foundation for Development

  26. Jeel Al Bena Association for Humanitarian Development

42.Alamal Womens and Sociocultural Foundation

43.National Organization for Health Development

44.Aid response and development organization

45.Graduates Foundation

46.Rescue Foundation For Development

47.Sewing and Development Services Association

48.Volunteers Foundation

49.Yemeni NGOs Coalition For Child Rights Care

50.Enjaz Foundation For Development

51.Eaha'a Foundation for calm and social peace

52.Watch for Human Rights Foundation

53.Al Aman Organization for Blind Women care