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AMDA Emergency Relief #14: Crisis in Ukraine (4 April 2022)

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Medical assistance at the Hungarian border areas:

1) Beregsurany, Hungary
On 1 April, a nurse from *AMDA-TICO worked at the medical outpost set in Beregsurany, a village at the Hungarian border which had been extending support to the Ukrainian evacuees. From 10am to 4pm, the nurse was able to carry out his work smoothly thanks to a Ukrainian interpreter residing in Hungary. Having someone who could speak the Ukrainian language put the evacuees at ease and allowed better communication between them.

The medical outpost is part of an evacuee support center which the village has been running since the outset of the crisis. Although the number of arriving evacuees has become relatively less compared to mid-March, more than 200 people are still crossing the border daily. Most of them use this facility temporarily, spending a few hours until they get on the free bus to relocate themselves to Budapest. The patients at the outpost has also decreased in line with the ongoing situation, however, there is always a certain demand for medical personnel.

2) Zahony, Hungary
After visiting Beregsurany, the aforementioned nurse moved to Zahony where medical services had been provided at the local train station for the evacuees arriving by train. The nurse worked with a local doctor for three hours from 5pm. The doctor said the number of incoming evacuees had been declining for the past three days. Likewise, there were no patients with serious cases except for those with minor ailments such as joint pain or backache. That day, there was only one patient as no train arrived during their work hours.