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Yemeni Development Network for NGOs - YDN Annual report 2021

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Yemeni development network for NGOs is a leading non-profit and non-governmental organization operating in Yemen. YDN has mainly been established in response to the urgent need for a specialized entity for building the capacity of the community social organizations, and to ensure their active participation and proper fulfillment of their responsibilities. Currently, YDN has 10 active offices with operational staff in 9 governorates, and coordination offices in the rest of the country.
YDN excelled in maintaining smooth cooperation and coordination with all the actors, be it government bodies, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), or local communities. Such country-wide existence of YDN catalyzes prompt responses and easy access to any area across Yemen under any circumstances. For more than 17 years, YDN has been successfully accomplishing its goals of improving Yemeni community social organizations YDN has been actively involved in several interventions through which it gained a deeper understanding of the humanitarian and development context in Yemen. In 2014, YDN effectively utilized its outstanding record of experience and resources to respond to the devesting humanitarian crisis caused by war and conflict.
The response was manifested by providing lifesaving services through implementing scores of humanitarian projects in the most affected areas across Yemen. In all its interventions, YDN maintained the maximum levels of inclusion of local communities and partners in decision-making, planning, implementation, and evaluation.