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IOM Bangladesh Appeal 2022: Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis

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762,325 Rohingya arrivals since August 2017 to Cox’s Bazar

918,841 total Rohingya Population in Cox’s Bazar

1.45 Million people in need in Cox’s Bazar


For over 900,000 Rohingya in Bangladesh, 2022 will mark the fth year since their mass displacement from Myanmar, preceded by decades of inuxes spurred by systemic discrimination and targeted violence. While the Government of Bangladesh and the international community have maintained the provision of immediate lifesaving assistance, the Rohingya continue to face dangers posed by natural hazards, disease outbreak, and a deteriorating protection environment. As the crisis protracts, the Rohingya who a living in the camps in Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest refugee settlement, are increasingly dependent on aid with little prospect for durable solutions. The need to maintain support for the humanitarian operation has grown all the more pertinent in 2022, as humanitarian space is becoming increasingly restricted.

In 2022, IOM will continue its comprehensive humanitarian support for lifesaving assistance based on feedback from communities. The present appeal outlines IOM’s priority gaps and associated funding requirements from January to December 2022, in line with the Rohingya Humanitarian Crisis Joint Response Plan (JRP) 2022. IOM’s overarching priorities include the dignity, safety and protection of the Rohingya, and the provision of quality services across a comprehensive set of sectors. IOM will continue to provide support to the most vulnerable host community members and mitigate the impact of the refugee inux on the environment through integrated environmentally responsible programmes. Aside from the activities conducted in the dierent sectors, IOM remains actively engaged in addressing human tracking and cross-cutting concerns such as Protection, Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and Accountability to Aected Populations (AAP).