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Human Security Survey South Sudan: Expert Panel Monitor update Jonglei State - Q2-Q4 2021

Soudan du Sud
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HSS Expert Panel Monitor: Q2-Q4 update from Jonglei, South Sudan

In December 2021, a PAX interviewer conducted 12 interviews with local experts in Jonglei State. This group included local government officials, (armed) youth leaders, chiefs, women leaders and religious leaders. This report summarizes the security dynamics observed by the consulted experts between April and November 2021.


  • Most local security experts claimed that the general security situation across Greater Bor (Bor South, Twic East and Duk counties) improved in the course of 2021, however many experts observed a deterioration of security levels since Sept/Oct;

  • The experts attributed the initially improved security to the ongoing peace process between Bor Dinka (Jonglei), Murle (GPAA/Pibor) and Lou Nuer communities. As a result, road ambushes and cattle raids reduced during this period and previously abducted children were returned to their communities. Improved security was also credited to the appointment of new state and county leadership in 2021, thereby filling the previous governance void, as well as the general improvement of the road network around Greater Bor, allowing for more effective patrolling and law enforcement by security forces;

  • However, by the last quarter of 2021, security levels declined through the resurgence of intercommunal violence between Bor Dinka and Murle armed youth, with rising reports of road ambushes, cattle raids and child abductions by suspected Murle armed youth across Bor South and Twic East counties, which also lead to deadly revenge attacks against Murle in Bor Town;

  • Joined forces of police and SSPDF made significant progress in combating crime and night robberies in Bor and Panyagor towns, however police presence in rural payams is generally considered to be inadequate. Cooperation among community members, police and local government could still be improved through continued engagement; Infrastructure development (road construction, dyke repair) across Greater Bor had a positive effect on flood management and displacement levels during the 2021 rainy season.