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The Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus Approach: South Libya

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WeWorld-GVC Programmatic HDP Nexus Approach for South Libya based on Intermediate Outcome Design

WeWorld-GVC has been operating in Libya since 2018, building upon its expertise in the HDP Nexus with an integrated protection approach. It directs its operations in Southern Libya – the city of Sebha and the Fezzan region in general - towards the achievement of collective outcomes, jointly defined by the Nexus Working Group members.

This policy brief presents the WeWorld-GVC Nexus Approach based on a research methodology developed by the organization to contextualize and to identify tools enabling actors to make decisions and translate the Nexus operational aspects, principles and goals into practical strategies. This brief describes the WeWorld-GVC HDP Nexus approach through the process of contextualization and development of intermediate outcomes, to narrow efforts specific to an organization’s capacities and comparative advantage, in order to better understand how best the collective outcomes can be achieved.

Download The Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus Approach: South Libya here.