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Chad: Refugee Policy Review Framework Country Summary as at 30 June 2020 (March 2022)

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IDA reiterated its engagement in refugee situations through IDA19 Window for Host communities and Refugees (IDA19 WHR) with an initial US$ 2.2 billion package to support low-income countries hosting large numbers of refugees. The aim of IDA Deputies is to use WHR financing to contribute to policy change enabling the socio-economic inclusion of refugees and host communities and a commitment was made by the Bank to "conduct a systematic review of refugee policy and institutional environments in countries eligible for the WHR since their initial eligibility, to inform further support for the creation of socio-economic development opportunities for refugee and host communities in these countries."

In response to the above commitment, the WB consulted with a range of relevant stakeholders, and closely collaborated with UNHCR to develop the so-called Refugee Policy Review Framework (RPRF), which was submitted as part of the IDA19 Mid-Term Review, including comprehensive UNHCR-produced Refugee Policy Reviews (RPRs) of all 14 WHR-eligible countries (can be accessed here).

The RPRF aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the laws, policies and practices relevant to refugees in different sectors (i) to measure the progress of the projects funded through the window, (ii) to inform areas for potential future World Bank funding based on identified gaps, and (iii) to be the basis for policy discussions with governments and other development partners to advance refugee policies in a coordinated and targeted manner. Under IDA20 Window for Host communities and Refugees (1 July 2022-30 June 2025), the WB has committed to build on UNHCR's produced Refugee Policy Reviews to "work with government counterparts and other partners to ensure that, by the end of IDA 20, at least 60 percent of the countries eligible for the WHR will have implemented significant policy reforms related to the WHR purposes..."