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Natural Hazards Monitoring - 18 March, 2022

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Severe Weather


On 17 March, the Peru National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI per its acronym in Spanish), reported flooding in the village of La Roca in Leoncio Prado, Huánuco caused by the overflow of the Huallaga River due to heavy rainfall. According to a Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis (EDAN per its acronym in Spanish) 65 people have been affected, 30 houses were damaged, and 35 hectares of crops were lost. In Puerto Inca, Huánuco the overflow of the Pachitea River caused flooding affecting 100 people, 45 houses, and 7 km of a rural road in Antigua Honoria, Cedro Pampa, Pueblo Libre, Nueva Unión, and Nueva Oriente which has isolated the communities as there are no alternate routes. According to an additional INDECI report, the overflow of the Tunquimayo River in La Convención, Cusco impacted 20 houses, destroyed 5 houses, affected 80 people, an educational institution, a health establishment, and 8 hectares of crops. The reports are available at: INDECI 1 and INDECI 2.


United States of America

On 18 March, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), reported the Wheat Field Fire currently ongoing in Eastland, Texas. The fire has burned 7,000 acres, is 0% contained and has caused the mandatory evacuations of 900 local residents. There are currently 300 houses threatened by the fire and 20 houses have been destroyed. The fire has also threatened a power plant, a highway, livestock, over 100 infrastructures, a school, a nursing home, and environmental resources. The report is available at: FEMA.


Severe Weather

Colombia (Update)

On 17 March, according to a media report the current rainy season has affected over 10,000 families in the department of Antioquia and has impacted more than 20 municipalities with floods and landslides due to heavy rainfall. There are currently more than 125 towns in Antioquia that are under alert due to the continuous rains. In San Carlos, 1,800 people were affected by the overflow of rivers, 701 people were evacuated and are being housed in two temporary shelters where they are receiving humanitarian aid. The report is available at: Minuto 30.