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Al Suhaily Discusses Activating Partnership between Civil Society Organizations and Local Authority with Aden Governor [EN/AR]

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During his Sunday meeting, at his office in the Provincial General Office, with TYF's Chairman, and Coordinator of the Localization and Economic Recovery Initiatives, Mr. Hussein Al Suhaily, Mr. Ahmed Lamlis, Governor of Aden, praised the efforts of Tamdeen Youth Foundation to activate the partnership between civil society organizations, the government, local authorities and the private sector to achieve economic recovery, rehabilitate basic services, and improve the standard of living of citizens.

At the meeting, Al Suhaily presented the two initiatives and outlined their objectives in increasing the efficiency of the humanitarian response in Yemen, adopting a comprehensive approach and participatory planning to drive economic growth, while promoting the sustainability of interventions, including job creation and support for strategic productive sectors.

The Governor, Lamlis, expressed the willingness of the local authority to provide all support to civil society organizations in order to enable them to achieve the objectives of both initiatives and to fully implement their humanitarian and development programs and activities.

He emphasized that economic recovery is at the forefront of the local authority's program and current plan, while developing available resources, optimizing revenue utilization, and addressing the challenges in providing public services, in line with enhancing security and stability to restore Aden's position in investments and development.

For his part, Mr. Hussein Al Suhaily praised the efforts of the Governor, Lamlis, in normalizing the situation and developing solutions to many of the problems facing Aden and its citizens, primarily electricity, water, health and education services.

Al Suhaily stressed the keenness of civil society organizations to create a partnership with the local authority to help them overcome service problems, integrate with them in planning and coordination to direct the greatest amount of humanitarian assistance towards development programs and sustainable projects, prepare a common agenda to build the capacity of public institutions, promote productive sectors, and achieve the desired economic stability.

The meeting was attended by TYF's Economic Empowerment Program Manager, Mr. Nashwan Al Qubati, its Liaison Officer, Dr. Nadin Abdulkadir, and its Consultant, Mr. Ahmed Suwaidi.