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Venezuela: Floods DREF Operation n° MDRVE005 - Final Report

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On 23 August 2021, the passage of Tropical Waves No. 38 and 39 generated heavy rains in Venezuela that caused floods and landslides in the states of Mérida, Táchira, Bolívar, Apure, Zulia, Delta Amacuro, Carabobo, Yaracuy, Portuguesa and Sucre. The communities in the states of Mérida, Apure and Bolívar were among the most affected by this emergency.

Official reports confirmed that the damages at the national level included 54,543 people affected in 10 states and 85 municipalities, 116 routes and 10 bridges damaged, 79 river overflows, and 40 large-scale landslides.

In the state of Mérida, heavy rainfall caused landslides and overflowing of rivers and streams, affecting 11 out of 23 municipalities, the most affected being Tovar, Santa Cruz de Mora, Antonio Pinto Salinas and Santos Marquina.

These events caused the death of 20 people, the rupture of pipes and damage to the electrical system, leaving several communities without drinking water or energy. Road access was also blocked.

In Apure, at least 3,827 families were affected by the increase in the levels of the Arauca, Apure, Meta and Capanaparo rivers, causing the loss of homes, crops, harvests, and personal belongings.

In Bolívar, 2,198 families were affected by the flooding of the Orinoco, Caroní, La Paragua, Aro and Cuyuní rivers. For this reason, temporary shelters were set up for the affected families.

As a result of these events, the Government of Venezuela declared a state of emergency for 90 days for the states of Apure, Bolívar, Yaracuy, Zulia, and Mérida on 25 August 2021.